Friday, March 6, 2009

Reduced the weight used traditional medicine

The habit ate instant food with fat and calorie that was solid or food was not more fibrous, as well as the shortage of time to play sport was the cause part of obesity, That was one of the problems that was dealt with by the community in the city. The pattern of the metropolitan life that always very instant really influenced this situation. Reduced fat on the body actually could be carried out with two methods that is, naturally and used help. Naturally, guards the ideal body usually was carried out by arranging the pattern of eating and playing sport in an orderly fashion. This road will be more beneficial because healthy. Only, many people were impatient in carrying him out, usually results will be seen in a long time extension. The community's metropolitan habit that liked fast and instant matters, then the choice to achieve the ideal weight then fell in that was fast and immediately got results that maksimal for that, used help of medicine, the supplement and the medical action as well as various method sorts. Reduced the weight with help of the medicine was the choice that was cheaper compared with the medical action, therapy and other. At this time dipasar was gotten by two medicine kinds pelangsing that is modern and traditional. Medicine pelangsing traditional was the choice of the favourite and was believed the community.

Traditional medicine that could help reduced the weight had the mechanism of the work as follows:
1. Pressed appetite (pressed the hungry feeling), by increasing the feeling of being full (fullness) for example: Garcinia cambogia
2. Hindered/prevented absorbsi fat for example: the Dutch teak leaves (Guazumae ulmi folia)
3. Sped up time pasasi on the intestines so as to increase the volume of the contents of the intestines (was laksan light) the example: Psyllium husk (Plantatago ovata)

The side-effect could happen if the use of traditional Medicine as medicine pelangsing not in accordance with the suggestion and the dose of the use method. Moreover, the herbal tonic pelangsing also was not good was used continuously in a period of that was long. Various effects that could be caused in part:
1. Traditional medicine (OT) that pressed appetite could cause the hungry feeling loss physiological so as if being protracted could cause the reduction asupan nutrition (nutrients) that was needed the body.
2. Traditional medicine that hindered/prevented absorbsi fat could cause the absorption reduction of body fat. The absorption reduction of fat could result in the disturbance of the function of the body like the disturbance: synthetic hormone sex (fat was prekusor), membrane the cell, sfingomielin the brain, etc..
3. Reduced the absorption calorie (the carbohydrate), in a manner indirectly, could cause the body to not receive enough energy that was needed for the activity of the daily.

Used help of medicine reduced the weight to achieve the ideal weight indeed was not banned. However had several matters that must be paid attention to for the sake of the security that could be seen in the label or the traditional Medicine label:
1. Has this product been registered in the medicine agency and food. This could be seen from being included or not by the number of the registration to the label/the medicine label.
2. The use method or the dose.
3. Expired
4. The side-effect, contra the indication.
5. The attention warning that was sealed to the label that is: the Use of this medicine must be accompanied with sport was arranged, the low diet calorie, and low fat.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Low diet the Carbohydrate was more Effective reduced the Weight

In the most latest study against the fat person and obesity, was learnt by them who undertook the low diet the carbohydrate was faster reduced his weight compared with them who carried out the low diet fat. After carrying out the low diet the carbohydrate for 12 weeks, the respondents succeeded in reducing his body weight totalling 4,9 kilogram, whereas they who undertook the low diet fat only descended 2,5 kg. Afterwards the program maintained this weight it was continued till 24 weeks. However was not obtained by the existence of the difference that was significant between the two diet groups. While two first weeks of the respondents were asked for not consumption food that had the level of high carbohydrate like and food that had the flour substance. They were also asked for avoided alkohol, but they were permitted to eat totalling that was desired. On the other hand the respondent in the low diet group fat was only permitted consumption 500 - 800 calorie per the day, avoided fatty food and controlled the portion of his food. After 12 weeks, the respondents from the low diet group the carbohydrate experienced the difficult decline that was significant compared with the low diet group fat. After 36 weeks, the low group the weight carbohydrate decreased 4,5 kg, while the group of the fat diet decreased 2,6 kg, was not seen by the striking difference.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The method reduced the healthy weight

Generally, the weight was abundant resulting from the occurrence of the lifestyle mistake that was not realised and brought us in the problem of the weight surplus. If you wanted to return the ideal weight by means of that was healthy, the healthy diet with vegetables (his intention the substitute for main food from rice to vegetables, so ate vegetables with rice bkn was the reverse) sport (fastest went along aorobik), Walked during 30menit every day (not the cumulation). Believed, if serious minimal descended 1 s/d 2.5 kg per-week

Monday, March 2, 2009

The danger of obesity

Obesity including some that were frightened by most women because obesity it was considered made the body did not pull again, and will reduce beauty someone. Obesity to the age adult on 18 years could be measured by one of them with the index of the body mass. The index of the body mass was known by measuring the weight in kilogram and high the body in metre. The body mass formula that was used by he weight was divided high the body. The status of the nutrient was it was said fat when the body mass calculation he thought on 25.0, and in said fat the difficult level (obesity) when the body mass value on 27.0. Food input, the lack of energy, and the descendants were three factors that it was considered arranged the fattening of the body in the process of the occurrence of obesity. Two first factors, that is energy input and the lack of energy, were regarded as the direct cause, whereas the descendants as the cause indirectly. The accumulation of this fat happened because of the existence not balanced between the amount of energy that was consumed and that was used. Husaini (1996) said, that someone was in the situation. Resulting from obesity Many the believing person that obesity could reduce beauty the body, obesity could also reduce exercise nimbleness and often more was easy to cause the fatigue. Moreover the weight surplus caused heterogenous the disturbance of the health. The research that was done by Metropolitan life Insurance against 50,000 people showed that the man's fat death rate 79% higher than the man who had the normal weight, whereas for the fat woman 61% higher than the woman who had the normal weight. Diabetes (diabetes mellitus). In the research in Jakarta during 1982 was found by diabetes mellitus more often was gotten to people who were fat compared with not fat people. In this research was found 6.7% these fat people suffered diabetes mellitus, whereas to not fat people of 0.95%. A research proved that the person with the weight surplus more found it easy to be affected by the heart disease compared with that the normal weight. The heart disease kind that often happened that is aterosklerosis (the blood vessels constriction). To the fat person of the work of the heart will be bigger and can cause the enlargement of the heart and became weak, the situation that would again normal if the weight descended. Still many illnesses resulting from obesity, like to the woman and sterility of the menstruation deviation, whitish, the skin illness in the thigh fold and breasts, pregnancy poisoning, to the disturbance man of breathing, rheumatism, varices, the hernia, and often happened also bile kidney stones.

Vegetables From Indonesia

There were various available vegetables sorts in Indonesia, because of his location in the equator and had the tropical climate so as many plants and vegetables grew fertile in Indonesia. In part the vegetables including tomatoes, the chilli, carrots, long peanuts, the cabbage and still many others the kind of the vegetables kind that grew fertile in Indonesia. These vegetables usually in cooked as soup or food accessories a day day, plenty of benefits of these vegetables, because natural from mountains and did not contain the chemical so as safe in consumption and healthy for the human body

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